Where is Baby’s Pumpkin?

It was a happy (and adorable) Halloween at our baby book club this month! How could we not use an end-of-October meeting as an excuse to dress the babies up in costumes and read a book about pumpkins?!

Our book this month was Where is Baby’s Pumpkin? a Karen Katz lift-the-flap book. The baby in this book goes searching throughout her house for her special pumpkin. She searches in, under, and behind but finds friendly Halloween items instead of her pumpkin. It’s a very docile (not scary) book that engages babies and toddlers who like to lift flaps. At 18 months, my son also likes the repetition of questions in the book. After each question, “Is Baby’s Pumpkin….?” He would lift the flap and say, “Noooo” or “Yeah!” depending on whether the pumpkin was under the flap. At least one baby didn’t warm to the book, but most seemed to enjoy it.

Keeping with the pumpkin theme, we decorated pumpkins with Halloween stickers. Stickers were a good medium for the young toddlers because it was safe, challenged their developing fine motor skills, and required very little clean up! I picked up a variety of Halloween stickers, including some that made faces on the pumpkins, for very little cost at the Dollar Tree. We used some foam stickers, which stuck well on the pumpkins and are easy for little hands to pick up. It should be noted, however, that these are small or have small pieces which can be choking hazards, so little ones need to be supervised (which they were).

Our snack this month also kept with the pumpkin theme. We had pumpkin breakfast cookies. I adapted a recipe that I originally found on Pinterest, but the recipe doesn’t link back to an original source, so I unfortunately, can’t credit the source. The cookies (which aren’t really cookies in a truly confectionary sense) include about a cup and half of quick rolled oats, about a cup of applesauce, about a half a can or so of pumpkin puree, and cinnamon to taste. The recipe typically calls for a couple of smashed ripe bananas, but I substituted pumpkin for this batch. After mixing the ingredients together, the “batter” can be spooned onto a parchment paper lined baking sheet and cooked for about 35 minutes. I usually just stick a batch in a container in the fridge and pull them out as a quick toddler breakfast. The pumpkin version wasn’t particularly sweet, but it didn’t seem to bother the kiddos. They gobbled the entire batch up!

Check out the slide show below to see photos of our Halloween fun. Be prepared for a parade of super cute babies in costumes!

Next month’s book club is in just a couple short weeks because of the Thanksgiving holiday at the end of the month! We’ll be reading: Beep, Beep by Petr Horáček.

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