Beep Beep!

Our little toddlers were “beep-beeping”, “vroom-vrooming”, and “chug-chugging” around after our November baby book club meeting! We read Beep Beep by Petr Horáček, which is a short board book with cut-outs on most pages. The story is about a family who drives to grandma’s house in their cars, so as you might imagine, our theme was cars!

First, we put the babies in their seats to color their “license plates” (and a get well card that we were making for a local librarian who has helped our little group quite a bit). While the babies were busy coloring away, we constructed their cars out of card board boxes, plastic cup “lights”, and paper plate “wheels” and “steering wheels”. The idea for the cardboard cars came from this link:

After we finished attaching wheels with brads and lights with tape, we attached the “license plates” that the kiddos had been working on and put the babies in the boxes to read the book. We ended up reading the book a few times, several times of which we read it with the babies on our laps because the book is a lot of fun to act out. For example, we would bounce the little ones on our lap when the car in the book went “chug, chug over the crosswalk.” The kids were (mostly) all smiles while we were reading!

After book time was snack time! We constructed fruit cars made with very thin apple slices, grapes, blueberries and uncooked spaghetti noodles (to hold the blueberry and grape wheels in place). Our inspiration was drawn from this link: I’m biased, of course, but I think the fruit cars were adorable!

Everyone was intensely involved in this book club meeting as we all worked together to construct the cars (both cardboard and edible), but in the end, I think we agreed, it was worth the effort. A few of the moms even reported back that their little ones were “vrooming” around their own houses in their cardboard cars when they got home.

As usual, see the slideshow below for photos of our automobile fun!

Next month we’ll be welcoming winter with the book, Welcome Winter, by Jill Ackermann.

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