Little Cloud

Have you ever dreamt of reaching up into the sky and playing with a cloud? That’s exactly what we simulated during our April Baby Book Club meeting! Just in time for Earth Day and April showers, we honored the clouds, sky, and rain as we read: Little Cloud, by Eric Carle.

Little Cloud is a simple story of a cloud that drifts through the sky and changes into a variety of shapes before joining other clouds to rain.

After reading the book, we dumped several bags of cotton balls into a tub and let the kids play with “clouds”. Once they successfully picked up, felt, threw, rolled in, and generally scattered the cotton balls in every direction, we gave the kids some blue paper and glue and encouraged them to glue cotton balls (with the help of the mommies) onto the paper to make a cloud to take home. At that point, we had lost the attention of a few little ones who were on to other distractions (aka: toys and books), but a few remained to play with the cotton balls. We set out a couple of bowls with a small amount of water for those who were interested to dip the cotton and then squeeze it out to make rain.

As usual, by mid-morning, our little ones were ready for a snack, so we dolloped out cottage cheese “clouds” on blue plates. This was an easy, healthy, and pretty (in my opinion) themed snack.

In general, this whole meeting was fairly easy to prep and execute so was a simple way to bring a book to life. Although I believe our Baby Book Club has many benefits: socialization for the kids, support for the parents, literacy, hands on learning, I also believe it can help our toddlers find joy in a variety of stories. At first, my son wasn’t particularly enamored with this month’s book. He liked it, but he didn’t LOVE it like some of our other book club books. However, after our baby book club meeting, he couldn’t stop reciting lines from Little Cloud as he pointed to clouds in the sky!

Join us next month for some more joyful story telling as we read, What Makes a Rainbow? by Betty Ann Schwartz.

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