Virtual Book Club for Kids Special Series: Laura Numeroff

Baby Toddler Book Club has decided to post a special series on our blog as we participate in the Virtual Book Club for Kids throughout the year! Essentially, Virtual Book Club for Kids (hosted by Toddler Approved, Educator’s Spin on It, and Rainy Day Mum) selects an author each month. Kid bloggers from around the blogging world then link up activities related to books by the featured author. This concept was so perfectly aligned with what we do already, we couldn’t pass up the chance to share what we have already done or, in some cases, try something new with our book club! Our participation in Virtual Book Club for Kids will NOT replace our regularly planned book club meetings (you can see what we’re planning on our Book Lists page), but will simply be in addition. 

“School” was in session at our Baby Toddler  Virtual Book Club meeting this month! This month’s featured author, Laura Numeroff, has written several favorite books in our house and we had actually already planned to read If You Give a Moose a Muffin at our regularly scheduled Baby Toddler Book Club meeting in a couple of months. In the meantime, we selected another book from her If You Give a series: If You Take a Mouse to School. Perhaps a less predictable choice, but given that we’re all starting to talk about the concept of (pre-) “school” with many of our oldest toddlers, it’s not as far of a stretch as one might imagine.


After we read about the mouse’s adventures at school, we wanted to get in on some of the fun! We decided to replicate his science experiment: a volcano made of what we can only assume was baking soda and vinegar. We made several “volcanos” because the toddlers were surprisingly captivated. We put a single drop of food coloring at the bottom of a clear plastic cup, covered it with a thin layer of baking soda, and then then poured in white vinegar until the “volcano” overflowed. By placing the food coloring at the bottom of the cup, we added an element of surprise when the “volcano erupted”. We asked the toddlers to guess what color they thought each eruption might be and even pointed out the colors mixing as the various liquids overflowed. I was pleasantly surprised at how quietly the toddlers sat, observed, and engaged in the whole process! Although we’re all about hands-on learning at our Baby Toddler Book Club, practicing observation skills are ok too!


After “science class”, it was time to break out our previously packed snacks/lunches. The boy in the book makes the mouse a peanut butter and jelly sandwich to take to school in his lunch box, so that’s what we packed our little “students” as well. The sandwiches were a big hit with all of the kiddos. Of course, if you have any peanut allergies in your group, the peanut butter could easily be substituted with another type of butter or spread.


Be sure to check back for our regularly scheduled meeting in a couple of weeks and more Laura Numeroff inspired fun coming in the near future!


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