March Book Club Pals

Each month, we donate the book that we read to a community organization that supports low-income families and children. Along with the book, we include all of the materials, ingredients, and instructions for a child (or two) to recreate the activities and snack of our book club meeting that month in their home with their parent or caregiver. The organization will choose a family each month to be our “book club pal” and receive our book and activities. We are very excited to be able to share the joy of parent-child reading, playing, and healthy snacking with other parents and toddlers in the area. If you wish to recreate a similar bag for yourself or to donate, here’s what’s in the bag this month:

Book: Pete’s a Pizza by William Steig

Theme(s): Pizza

Activity: Act out the book

Supplies: Water, talcum powder, red circle foam pieces (in place of checkers for “tomatoes”), shredded paper

Directions: As you read the book, do with child what Pete’s father does with him to turn him into a “pizza”.

Snack: English muffin pizzas

Supplies: English muffin, tomato sauce, shredded mozzarella cheese.

Directions:. 1) Cut English muffin in half and place on a cookie sheet. 2) Spread pizza sauce on each English muffin half. 3) Sprinkle shredded mozzarella cheese on each English muffin half. 4) Bake in the oven until muffin is crispy and cheese is melted and slightly browned if you prefer. Watch carefully. Temperature and time will depend on individual oven. These cook well in a toaster oven too. Be sure to let cool slightly before serving.


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