Virtual Book Club for Kids Special Series: Mem Fox

Baby Toddler Book Club has decided to post a special series on our blog as we participate in the Virtual Book Club for Kids throughout the year! Essentially, Virtual Book Club for Kids (hosted by Toddler Approved, Educator’s Spin on It, and Rainy Day Mum) selects an author each month. Kid bloggers from around the blogging world then link up activities related to books by the featured author. This concept was so perfectly aligned with what we do already, we couldn’t pass up the chance to share what we have already done or, in some cases, try something new with our book club! Our participation in Virtual Book Club for Kids will NOT replace our regularly planned book club meetings (you can see what we’re planning on our Book Lists page), but will simply be in addition. 

Our book club went in search of ladybugs at this month’s meeting featuring a book by the selected Virtual Book Club for Kids author, Mem Fox. We read Yoo Hoo, Lady Bug! This book features a little ladybug who is hiding in every illustration. The illustration is accompanied by the repetitive phrase, “Yoo Hoo, Lady Bug! Where are you?” which my son and I love to read in a singsongy voice. After each illustration, the following page clues the reader in to the location of the ladybug with a rhyming phrase (ex: “In the tree with bluebird and bee”). At first I was concerned that this selection might be too simple for our now mostly 3-year old members, but was I wrong! The kids loved this book and were eager for their “turn” to find the ladybug. We eventually gave up with “turns” and just let the kids gather around each page to find the ladybug! I love the photo below of the kids circled around the books with their heads down…it gives new meaning to the phrase, “putting their heads together”! Truly though, this enthusiasm for books is largely what our  book club is all about!

(Click photo collage to view larger.)


After we found all of the ladybugs in the book, we had a ladybug search of our own! A couple of the parents in our group hid paper ladybugs throughout our meeting space. We then sent the kids out to search! After all of the ladybugs were found, each child brought his or her ladybugs over to a felt board (reused from our previous One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish meeting a couple of months ago). Each ladybug had a different number of spots on it (1-12). We counted the spots on each ladybug and then matched it to the pre-printed numbers on the board. For those who wish to duplicate, the ladybugs were very simple to make: cut two circles of equal size — one out of red paper and one out of black paper. Cut the red circle in half and glue to the black circle leaving a small wedge of space at the bottom to create the look of “wings” on the ladybug. Cut a smaller circle out of black paper and glue to the back (so only about half of the circle appears from the front) to create the “head” of the lady. Draw spots on the wings with a black marker. That’s it–done! If you wish to attach the ladybugs to a felt board for the number matching game as we did, be sure to adhere velcro to the back of the ladybugs as well.

(Click photo collages to view larger.)

YooHooLadyBugSearching copy YooHooLadyBugMatching copy

Snack was all “a flutter” as well! We adapted an adorable (and healthy) ladybug snack that I found on the Taste of Home website,, and I know has also be replicated by other bloggers as well (as evidenced on Pinterest)! Our version consisted of a whole wheat Ritz cracker, covered with plain cream cheese. The “wings” of the ladybug were made from a grape tomato, halved. The head was made from a black olive with the bottom sliced off so it would stand up, and the wings were two small pieces of chives set inside the olive hole.

(Click photo collages to view larger.)

YooHooLadyBugSnack copy YooHooLadyBugEating copy

My observation is that the kids were particularly engaged in the book and activity this month, which goes to show: never underestimate the power of simplicity! As always, we enjoyed exploring a new author and book! Join us for our next regular meeting as we read a classic: Harold and Purple Crayon!




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