New Special Series: Macaroni Kid Summer Tot Book Club

Baby Toddler Book Club is excited to be collaborating with our local Macaroni Kid newsletter this summer to share a monthly “Summer Tot Book Club”  idea based on a book and related activity/snack. We’ll be specifically relating the meeting theme to a local event, resource, or activity in our community. If you would like to find your local Macaroni Kid newsletter, search on the national Macaroni Kid website. Check back throughout the summer to find out what ideas our book club tried out and shared with our local Macaroni Kid readers. 

Here’s what we shared this month to kick off the series:

(Specific location information has been omitted.)

One steamy late summer morning two years ago, seven of my parent-friends and I gathered together with our babies for the inaugural meeting of Baby Book Club (now Baby Toddler Book Club). We read to our then one-year olds, Mr. Brown Can Moo, Can You? by Dr. Suess, which is a book about sounds.


We made rain-makers with toilet paper rolls filled with balled up aluminum foil and dry rice. We let our kids feel the foil and play in the rice tub and of course, listen to the sound of the rain-makers. We then poured Rice Krispies cereal in milk and directed our kids to listen to the popping sound before feeding them the cereal. Afterwards, we let the kids play and socialized amongst ourselves.


That is essentially how Baby Toddler Book Club has operated ever since. Every month we read a common book to our children at home. We then gather to read the book, do a related activity, and eat a related snack to bring a book to life for our children. As our children have grown, our books, activities, and snacks (as well as group size) have grown with them, but the concept is always the same.


The club has been one of the most enjoyable social, educational, and bonding experiences of early parenthood and one that I am so thrilled to share with the Macaroni Kid *** readers!

As a way to encourage parents gathering together over books with their children, we are introducing the “Summer Tot Book Club”. Each month, we will select a book and provide you with all of the information to replicate an easy activity and healthy snack for your babies, toddlers, or preschoolers.

ChickaChicka copy

We’ll also let you know if or where the book is available at local public libraries AND if there’s a local kid friendly place you could go to extend the book-excitement.

Ready to start your own book club? Visit our blog ( and scroll to the bottom of the Read with Us page for tips about starting your own group. Pay special attention to the last Macaroni Kid issue of each month this summer for the book selection and step-by-step activity and snack guidelines. We’d love to hear about your club and would like to connect all club coordinators together. Use the Read with Us form to be in touch! Finally, be sure to like us on Facebook for Baby Toddler Book Club updates and information.

Happy Gathering, Reading, Playing, & Eating!


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