June Macaroni Kid Meeting: Red, White, and Boom!

Baby Toddler Book Club is excited to be collaborating with our local Macaroni Kid newsletter this summer to share a monthly “Summer Tot Book Club”  idea based on a book and related activity/snack. We’ll be specifically relating the meeting theme to a local event, resource, or activity in our community. If you would like to find your local Macaroni Kid newsletter, search on the national Macaroni Kid website. Check back throughout the summer to find out what ideas our book club tried out and shared with our local Macaroni Kid readers. 

The Macaroni Kid Summer Tot Book Club is underway! We hope that everyone is geared up to gather, read, play, and eat along with Baby Toddler Book Club this summer! Our first book is connected to the upcoming July 4th celebrations.

BOOK: Red, White, and Boom by Lee Wardlaw highlights three popular ways that Americans celebrate the July 4th holiday. We love the wide range of vocabulary used within short rhyming phrases. We also chose this book because of the unique cutout illustrations, which represent the diversity of Americans celebrating this country’s independence.

(Click photo collages to enlarge.)

1RedWhiteBoomReading copy


Unfortunately, this book isn’t readily available at libraries in *** and *** Counties, BUT *** has a fabulous inter-library loan system. There are many other libraries in the state with copies that can be requested through YOUR local library. I’ve tested the system: it’s EASY and FAST!

If you want your own copy, Baby Toddler Book Club has a “book store” on our blog that includes all of the books that we’ve used for previous meetings: http://astore.amazon.com/babtodbooclu-20.


1) Red, White, and Boom’s title comes from a page toward the end of the book that highlights a beautiful fireworks display (illustrated with red and white patterned paper cutouts against a blue “sky”). So we made our own fireworks that mimicked this idea. We found these “cupcake liner fireworks” at http://www.notimeforflashcards.com/2009/06/light-up-the-sky.html and duplicated at our meeting. Step-by-step photos are below. Essentially, you gather three white cupcake liners, flatten, and encourage your child to color with red and blue markers. Then, fold the liners into fourths and have your child cut a few slits (if they are old enough). Unfold and glue onto a piece of black construction paper. Voila—fireworks!

CraftStepByStep copy

2RedwWhiteBoomFireworksCraft copy

2) Since Red, White, and Boom features a “sandy beach”, we also replicated a “beach” at our meeting with a tub for of sand and toys for free play.

3RedWhiteBoomSand copy


1) We always try to include food items directly out of the book, if possible, so we ate watermelon slices and corn-on-the-cob just like the kids in the book. This was an easy, healthy snack (one of our goals).

2) To make it a full lunch we made peanut butter and jelly sandwiches that looked like the flags “in the book”. Our inspiration? http://www.longwaitforisabella.com/2011/07/4th-of-july-party-ideas.html. We spread peanut butter and red strawberry jelly on whole wheat bread. We placed blueberries in the upper-left corner and long slices of banana along the toast to create a flag.

4RedWhiteBoomSnack copy


Red White and Boom opens with a parade, so what better way to celebrate the 4th and bring the book to life then to attend one of the many Independence Day celebrations in our area. Check out “this week’s picks” on the Macaroni Kid of *** and *** County community calendar to find a local parade!

Keep reading and join us next month for more book fun!


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