Special Post: Books and Bikes Ride 2014

Baby Toddler Book Club collaborated with our local Kidical Mass group this month to host the second annual “Books and Bikes” ride in our community. Just as with our ride last year, The Books and Bikes ride combined the traditional family friendly bike ride with stops at three Little Free Libraries and ended with a bike-themed story time hosted by our book club!

The ride this year featured a new route with different Little Free Libraries including some very creative and cleverly decorated libraries. I am always amazed by the ingenuity of many Little Free Library stewards. For those not familiar with Little Free Libraries, these are small waterproof structures set up outside and filled with books to serve as free book exchanges. Participants in the Books and Bikes ride were encouraged to bring a book to trade or donate as we stopped at the Little Free Libraries along the route of our ride.

The ride route ended at a park where we hosted a Baby Toddler Book Club-style story time reading of “Bear on a Bike” by Stella Blackstone. This is a charming story of a boy who follows a bear to enchanting places via a variety of transportation modes including, of course, a bike. Riders were encouraged to bring a teddy bear to the ride for the reading of the book and our “teddy bear picnic” that followed.

Our picnic featured a special bear snack that we adapted from this blog: http://inkblotsandpolkadots.blogspot.com/2011/06/fun-snack-treat-for-kids.html. Our snack utilized graham crackers covered in peanut butter and raisins and bananas for the eyes and nose. The kids helped make their own snacks and several asked for seconds after eating it quickly.

After the ride and story time, my son asked if we could do THAT again! He had so much fun with all aspects of the event. What I think makes the Books and Bikes ride so unique is that it combines two enjoyable solitary activities (reading and riding) and turns them into a great community gathering opportunity. By the end of the event, we were already discussing ideas for next year’s Books and Bikes ride!

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