July Macaroni Kid Meeting: Blueberries for Sal

Baby Toddler Book Club is excited to be collaborating with our local Macaroni Kid newsletter this summer to share a monthly “Summer Tot Book Club”  idea based on a book and related activity/snack. We’ll be specifically relating the meeting theme to a local event, resource, or activity in our community. If you would like to find your local Macaroni Kid newsletter, search on the national Macaroni Kid website. Check back throughout the summer to find out what ideas our book club tried out and shared with our local Macaroni Kid readers. 

Summer is in full swing and what better way to celebrate than to honor bountiful produce that grows right here in ***! Berries are perfect for little hands to harvest and there are some fabulous books based on this theme.

BOOK: Blueberries for Sal by Robert McCloskey is a classic story of a child and a baby bear who end up following the wrong mamas while picking blueberries. We love the sounds that the berries make as Sal drops them into the pail: “kuplink, kuplank, kuplunk.”

(Click on photo collages to enlarge)


WHERE YOU CAN FIND IT: Blueberries for Sal is available at the following Public Libraries in *** and *** County: ***. Don’t forget you can also always use the phenomenal inter-library loan program in *** by requesting a copy through the staff at your own Public Library. HERE is how you can get your own copy; Baby Toddler Book Club has a “book store” on our blog that includes all of the books that we’ve used for previous meetings.

ACTIVITY: After reading this book, you’ll likely be inspired to go in search of berries with your child like we were! Little hands need an easy-to-hold place to collect the berries. If you don’t have a little pail at home, you and your child can make one using a paper cup, a pipe cleaner, and a hole punch. Simply punch a hole on each side of the cup towards the top and ask your child to string each end of a pipe cleaner in each hole (fine motor practice). Then fold the pipe cleaner ends up and twist around to create a handle.You can then decorate or embellish your pail however you or your child wish.


LOCAL EXTENSION: Now it’s time to go berry picking! The *** Farm in *** is a local Pick Your Own farm with a variety of berries (and other fruits and vegetables) available throughout the growing season. Blueberries are obviously a great fit with Blueberries for Sal, but really, picking any berry is a wonderful experience. Check their website for which berry types are available when.


SNACK: After picking your berries, find a place in the shade, lay out a blanket, and snack on what you have picked. Providing the opportunity for children to pick food they can immediately eat is a wonderful way to show children where food comes from. Not to mention, freshly picked berries are about as sweet and juicy as berries get! You’ll be as tempted as little Sal to dig right in!


Keep reading and join us next month for more book fun!


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