August Macaroni Kid Meeting: The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Baby Toddler Book Club is excited to be collaborating with our local Macaroni Kid newsletter this summer to share a monthly “Summer Tot Book Club”  idea based on a book and related activity/snack. We’ll be specifically relating the meeting theme to a local event, resource, or activity in our community. (We removed the local references for the purposes of this blog post.) If you would like to find your local Macaroni Kid newsletter, search on the national Macaroni Kid website. Find out what ideas our book club tried and shared with our local Macaroni Kid readers this month. 

September is Hunger Action Month, so as we wrap up August, we not only think about children heading back to school, but also those who are heading back to school hungry.

BOOK: The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle is the popular story of a little caterpillar who eats his way through five kinds of fruits, finds himself still hungry, so eats through a series of junk food, and a healthy green leaf before spinning a “cocoon” and turning into a butterfly. The book is wonderful counting book, has great repetition, but is also a great springboard for discussing the general concept of “hunger” with young children.

(Click photo collages to enlarge.)

HungryCaterpillarReading1 copy HungryCaterpillarReading2 copy


The Very Hungry Caterpillar is available at the following Public Libraries in *** and *** Counties: ***. Don’t forget you can also always use the phenomenal inter-library loan program in *** by requesting a copy through the staff at your own Public Library.

HERE is how you can get your own copy; Baby Toddler Book Club has a “book store” on our blog that includes all of the books that we’ve used for previous meetings.


The fruits listed in this book are the perfect healthy snack for little ones while you read. We cut up apples, pears, plums, strawberries, and oranges and gave the kids a taste of each. For babies, you could puree any (or all) of these fruits and give them a taste as you read.

HungryCaterpillarSnack1 copy HungryCaterpillarSnack2 copy


After reading and snacking, head to a grocery store with a list of foods from the book and go on a “Hunt to Fight Hunger” inspired by THIS blog. Assign each child a food item to shop/hunt for in the store. We focused on the “healthy” foods in the book that would be particularly good for kids’ lunches: the fruits, leafy greens, bread (in place of the “cupcake”), cheese, and deli meat. Meet up after shopping to combine all foods into a donation to be dropped at a local food pantry. A list of food pantries in *** Counties can be found here: ***.

HungryCaterpillarShopping1 copy HungryCaterpillarShopping2 copy HungryCaterpillarShopping3 copy HungryCaterpillarShopping4 copy HungryCaterpillarPantry copy

We’ve enjoyed sharing book club ideas with Macaroni Kids readers this summer. We hope we’ve inspired some new similar groups to emerge in the area.


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