Dragons Love Tacos

This month, I learned two important things:

1) Dragons cannot eat spicy salsa (I’ll get to this in a minute)

2) Book club is a village.

At this past meeting, I could really feel the demands of negotiating two young children while running book club. In particular, my seven month old wanted to be held the whole meeting and my three year old wanted to stick close by, so that left me without empty hands for facilitating! Luckily, every member of our wonderful group stepped right up to help hold the baby, take pictures, set up the snack, and clean up. I love that everyone works together to make these meetings happen. I mention this little anecdote, not only because I am grateful for everyone’s help, but also because I want others who are thinking of starting a similar book club to know that things are not always as “serene” as the pictures may make it seem! If your group is sometimes a little chaotic or you need extra help, not to worry!

Now, back to my first, and perhaps more important point, despite their love of tacos, dragons should not be served spicy salsa! You didn’t know this? Well Adam Rubin teaches this very important lesson in the super silly book: Dragons Love Tacos, so read up! We also learned that dragons love parties, including costume parties and parties with charades, and since it was halloween, we had a costume party of our own. All of the kids came dressed for the occasion. After reading the book, we also attempted to play a charades game that I printed from this site. We kept the game pretty low key. If a child wanted to act out a card, they could. They could do anything they wanted to represent the card (including make noises). They kids were a little shy and ready for free play after sitting for the book so we only played this game as long as there was interest.

It should come as no surprise that our snack was…tacos! We mimicked the tacos illustrated in the book: hard shells, lettuce, tomatoes, and cheese (all of which are good taco toppings for dragons, according to the story). We used black beans for a filling as well.

Even though we used this book for our “Halloween” meeting, this would be an excellent book for getting one more use out of those Halloween costumes even after the holiday is over! Regardless, we hope everyone has a very happy Halloween!

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