Gingerbread Baby

The winter holiday season is upon us and to celebrate, our book club read Gingerbread Baby by Jan Brett at our most recent weekend meeting. I looked at several gingerbread stories when selecting one for this meeting and Jan Brett’s version won out both because of its beautiful detailed illustrations and also because the ending is happy (whereas so many versions of the Gingerbread Man end with the feisty cookie being eaten.) The kids LOVED this book too. Every single child at our meeting was enthralled as we read the story and kept creeping closer and closer to me as I read (to the point that I was almost holding the book behind me)!

The kids were equally as excited to decorate gingerbread “baby” cookies, which served as both our activity and “snack”! We baked the soft cookies in advance using the recipe found at THIS blog and provided toppings for the kids to select from. Although, it’s nearly impossible to make gingerbread decorating completely “healthy” (and really, a little sugar is part of the fun), we did “health it up” a tad by providing cream cheese (my 3 year old’s idea!) in addition to frosting as an option and providing dried fruit in addition to the cinnamon candies and marshmallows. We also chose fruit snacks over gum drops. To be completely clear, we don’t think of dried fruit and fruit snacks as “healthy,” but they are slightly better than some of the candy topping options.

Enjoy some pictures of our SWEET meeting below!

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