January Book Club Pals

Each month, we donate the book that we read to a community organization that supports low-income families and children. Along with the book, we include all of the materials, ingredients, and instructions for a child (or two) to recreate (or adapt) the activities and snack of our book club meeting that month in their home with their parent or caregiver. The organization will choose a family each month to be our “book club pal” and receive our book and activities. We are very excited to be able to share the joy of parent-child reading, playing, and healthy snacking with other parents and toddlers in the area. If you wish to recreate a similar bag for yourself or to donate, here’s what’s in the bag this month:

Book: The Snowy Day by Ezra Jack Keats

Theme: Snow 

Activity: “Snow” Shaving Cream Painting

Supplies: Shaving cream, school glue, white glitter, container for mixing, plastic spoon, swab for paint brush, blue paper

Directions: Mix about equal parts shaving cream and school glue, top with glitter. Give child the swab and “snow paint” and allow them to paint on the blue paper.

Snack: “Snow” Ice Cream

Supplies: Pre-made ice cream mix (coconut milk, honey*, and vanilla extract), two freezer gallon-bags, paper towel, rock salt*, ice, plastic bowl, spoon, shaved coconut

Directions: Place ice and rock salt in the bottom of a gallon-sized bag, place the closed ice cream mix bag on top of the ice/salt. Seal the gallon-sized bag and place it inside of the second gallon sized bag (double bag is just to prevent dripping). Shake the bags with the child for about 6-10 minutes until the ice cream mix hardens to desired ice cream consistency. Remove the ice cream mix bag and dry/remove any melted salt-water with a paper towel. Open and pour into a bowl. Top with shaved coconut to look like snow.

*Honey should not be fed to children under the age of one.

*Rock salt is not intended for consumption.


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