The Snowy Day

We didn’t have a blizzard this week like some parts of the United States, but we made our own “snowy” fun (and we’re really not complaining about the lack of actual snow)!

At this month’s book club meeting, we read The Snowy Day, by Ezra Jack Keats. This timeless book shares the story of a little boy discovering the childhood wonders of freshly fallen snow.

We created our own “snow” paintings that mimicked the look of the artwork in this book. To create the snow paint, we combined (approximately) equal parts school glue and shaving cream and topped the mixture with some fine white glitter (a fairly commonplace recipe for “snow paint”). We had some oral swabs that were passed down to us and worked as perfect spongy paint brushes, but any paint brush or sponge would do (finger painting would work as well). Each child received a container of snow paint, a swab, and a piece of blue construction paper to create their own snowy scene.

Originally, when we considered a snow-like snack, real snow ice-cream came to mind (freshly fallen snow, milk, sugar, etc.), but this posed a few challenges, not the least of which was the potential of NOT having freshly fallen snow available when we planned to meet. Homemade coconut milk ice cream was the perfect healthy alternative. We followed THIS recipe from Super Healthy Kids and it worked perfectly. (The only change we made was to double bag the ice/salt bag to avoid dripping and we paper toweled-off the ice cream bag before opening to avoid salt water dripping on the ice cream.) The texture resembles snow and we topped our ice-cream with a little un-sweetened shredded coconut for added snow effect. (Note that the ice cream recipe includes honey, so we only fed this to our children who are over age one.)

We’ll pass on the blizzard and take Ezra Jack Keats’ Snow Day any day of the week!

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