The Lorax

Upcoming spring-like weather, the day-light savings time change, and Dr. Suess’ birthday this past week all coalesced as the perfect reason to read The Lorax at our most recent weekend book club meeting! This Dr. Suess book, recently popularized by the 2012 movie adaptation, is a tale about the importance of caring for our environment and limiting material consumption. It is a perfect tale for celebrating Earth Day next month. I was concerned that the 71 page picture book would be too long to hold the kids’ attention during our meeting, but this book is loved by many in the group and they stayed engaged while we read the entire story!

On the last page of the book, a little boy is charged with replanting the final remaining Truffula seed and reviving a destroyed environment. In that spirit, our book club members planted parsley seeds in repurposed toilet paper/paper towel rolls. To make these biodegradable planters, just cut the toilet paper roll in half and cut four slits around the bottom of one side of the roll. Fold the sides up like a box and tape with masking tape for a little extra support. When ready to plant, simply remove the tape, open the bottom, and place into the ground. We prepped the planters in advance and had the children each fill one with soil (using a measuring spoon for easy filling), and a parsley seed or two. We had some plastic bags available for transporting home if desired. Photos in the slide show below.

For snack, we ate “Bar-ba-loot” fruit (ours were raspberries–but any pinkish fruit would resemble the picture of such fruit in the book) and “Truffula” seeds (a pumpkin seed, sunflower seed, cashew, dried cranberry mix).

The Lorax was a great way to build excitement to enjoy (and care for) the great outdoors as spring arrives!

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