Big Kid Book Club: A Tale of Two Beasts

Our Big Kid Book Club had a family fall party this year inspired by the book, A Tale of Two Beasts by Fiona Robertson. I picked up this book at an Usborne Book Party hosted by my friend, Angela, over at Teaching Mama. Her one-year old is participating in our book club for the little ones this year.

I love this book because it tells one story from two different perspectives. It starts with a little girl who finds a “beast” in the woods and takes him home as her pet. At the end of her side of the story, it is retold by the little woodland creature who explains that he was captured by a “beast”. The book is a great lesson in thinking about another’s point of view–a lesson that really can’t be taught too early.

IMG_1919 copy

The illustrations clearly suggest that the book is set in the fall, so we used it as the excuse for a gathering with some favorite fall activities, including pumpkin carving, a campfire, and costumes! (Click photos to enlarge.)

PumpkinCarving copy RoastingMarshmellows copy

GroupPhotos copy

Our annual attempt at trying to get the kids together for a group photo…we never learn…!

Our book-themed activity/snack was to make “two-sided” s’mores. This was a special sweet Halloween treat for most of our little book club members that was a deviation from our typical healthy snacks. As you might imagine, the kids had no complaints! To make it even more fun for the grown-ups, we had a variety of chocolate, graham crackers, fillers, and even marshmallow options. We provided some s’more recipe ideas for fun too, including our signature “Two Sided S’more-y”! A quick Google or Pinterest search will give you plenty of s’more combination ideas. Our list was inspired by these sites (and we added a few of our own original ideas): Old House To New Home Gourmet S’mores ; Your Home Based Mom S’mores Bar; Shop Tippi Give Me Smore. (Click photos to enlarge.)

Smores copy smores1 copy

smores2 copy

Finger-lickin’ good!

Although this book worked well for a fall Halloween party meeting, it could easily be used anytime of year that you would enjoy an outdoor fire and s’mores!

More Halloween fun by our one-year old Baby Toddler Book Club posted soon!


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