Trains Go

Baby Toddler Book Club took a “field trip”! As a special additional meeting this month, our book club headed to a local public garden to view their incredible indoor Applied Imagination train exhibit and read Trains Go by Steve Light.

The benefits of visiting public gardens with children are numerous, especially those with specifically designed children’s gardens, but they aren’t a location that we typically consider during colder winter months. We have a public garden in our area that hosts many indoor winter events and currently the impressive indoor model train display that incorporates model architecture designed entirely with plant materials.

You can find Public Gardens near you on THIS site and the Applied Imagination Exhibit Schedule HERE. If you are fortunate to find one or both near you, we highly recommend a visit. Gardens are peaceful calming places for children and adults alike and during this often busy time of year, finding peaceful quiet can be very valuable.

As you might imagine, our toddlers were quite enchanted by the miniature moving trains, often following the trains as they moved around the exhibit. There was also a lot of pointing and happy “oohs and ahhs”.

We stopped to read Trains Go with the trains riding along the tracks behind us. Each page of Trains Go features a full page illustration of a different type of train (steam, diesel, speed, etc.) and the onomatopoetic sound that it makes (Zoosh Zoosh Zooooosh, Wooooosh, Clang Clang, Ding Ding, Chugga Chugga, Choo Choo, for example). This book is a huge hit with my little one year old who either knows or can mimic most of the sounds. I even find the sounds in the book fun to read. (Well, I enjoy it the first 50-100 times or so…!)

Below are a few photos from our visit. I don’t think I have any photos of us actually reading the book, but be assured it happened!

From indoor gardens to outdoor snow, check back with us soon to see what we’ll be doing “in the snow” at our next meeting!

TrainsGo copy



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