Intergenerational Book Club: Snow

I am so excited that our Intergenerational Book Club kicked off this month! Joining some of the oldest and youngest members of our community has so many potential benefits for all involved. This month we read a wonderful book about snow which is especially apropos for everyone who had to dig out after the East Coast Blizzard this month!

One of the Assisted Living residents did an amazing job reading Snow by Cynthia Rylant to the kids. The beautiful illustrations show a young child and an older women (presumably a grandmother or great grandmother) enjoying the snow outside and the warmth indoors watching the snow throughout the book. One of the goals of this book club is to include age appropriate books that describe positive relationship between the generations and this book is an excellent example.

SnowBook copyIBCSnowReadGroup copyIBCSnowReadResident copy

After reading the book, the children cut out snow flakes using coffee filters. We thought some of the residents might cut out snowflakes as well, but many were happy just watching and interacting with the children while they cut. To make the snow flakes, we simply flattened a round coffee filter and the folded it in half, and then half again, and half again so it was folded into eighths. The children then cut shapes around the outside of the folded coffee filter and opened it up to see their unique flake. We discovered at the end of the meeting that the coffee filters, when tossed in the air, floated down much like snowflakes in the book.

We are looking forward to seeing the ways that the children and residents interact with each other during upcoming meetings!


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