Big Kid Book Club: Stone Soup

National Soup Swap day is in January, so we thought a soup themed book, meeting, and swap would be perfect for our big kids this month. If you have never participated in a soup swap, then this is a great time to do it! Soup is helpful most of the year, especially during these cold months.

Here’s how a soup swap works:

  1. You make six quarts of the same kind of soup and freeze the soup in six 1-quart containers or bags. Label the containers with ingredients as best you can.
  2. At the soup swap, everybody brings their soup, tells a story about the soup (if you have one), and then swaps, so that you come home with six different kinds of soup for your freezer to pull out during these cold winter months!

This meeting was equally designed to be fun for the parents as well as the kids!

We started our meeting reading Stone Soup by Jon J Muth. A couple of years ago, we read a version of Stone Soup by Heather Forest to our then two-year olds and made stone soup. The Forest version is still a favorite of my 4-year old, but I’ve been waiting to share the Muth version because it is wonderful in its own way. This version of the story is geared toward an older reader, has beautiful illustrations, is set in China, and full of lovely symbolism explained by the author at the end of the book.

DSC_2382e copySoupReading copy

After reading, we shared stories about the soups we made and brought, and then it was time to taste! We each brought some additional soup that we had thawed and warmed to use for our “snack.” The kids could try as many soups as they wanted to hopefully get them excited about trying new things.

SouptoEat copySoupEat copy

Then it was time to swap! Look up all that soup! Yum!

SoupSwap copy

While we were swapping, we noticed that it got quiet for bit and looked in the other room to find one of the dads “hosting a second book club”! We love the enthusiasm our kids and parents have for sharing a book!

DSC_2440e copy


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