Hand, Hand, Fingers, Thumb

This month’s book club meeting was all about making noise! We read Al Perkin’s Bright and Early Board Book, Hand, Hand, Fingers, Thumb. This book is a classic for good reason. With it’s rhythmic tempo, cartoon illustrations of cute monkeys, and the encouragement to drum, it’s a clear favorite with many little ones.

Since this book is largely about “drumming on drums” we did exactly that as we read! Everybody brought some form of a “drum” to our meeting. We had toy drums, oatmeal container drums, pots and pans, wipe containers, paper plate drums (two paper plates stapled together), and others! Each time we read about the monkeys drumming on drums, we encourage the kids to do so as well. We then left the drums out for the kids to play with afterwards. Some of the kids really got into this activity, largely I think, because it’s sanctioned noise making!

During the book the monkeys pick fruit from trees while the text reads, “Hand picks and apple. Hand picks a plum,”(because it rhymes with drum, dum…) so that was our built in snack. Unfortunately, plums aren’t really in season around our parts, so while we were able to get them, they weren’t nearly as sweet as they are in-season. We supplemented some dried plums, prunes, which were a big hit with the kiddos and also had chopped apples as part of the snack.

Because our January book club meeting about Goodnight Gorilla was thwarted by weather and illness, twice, we decided to read that book after finishing our Hand, Hand, Fingers, Thumb book and do an abbreviated version of the planned corresponding activity. By the time we got to this book, the kids had lost some of their focus, not surprisingly, but some of the kids liked this activity even better than the first! (We seriously never know which kids will be most enamored with which books/activities.)  I posted some of these photos on my original Goodnight Gorilla post.

Next month, several of our book club kiddos have birthdays, so we’ll have a birthday themed book club meeting. Check back to see how we celebrate birthdays at Baby Toddler Book Club!

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