Intergenerational Book Club: A Rainbow of My Own

Rainbows are often beautiful symbols of hope and peace for young and old alike. In A Rainbow of my Own by Don Freeman (the author of the beloved Corduroy books), a child imagines what it would be like to play with a rainbow. It’s hard not to feel young-at-heart reading this book and looking at the whimsical illustrations.

A resident at the Assisted Living Center read to a captive audience this month!

RainbowofmyownReading copy

After reading, the kids and several residents headed outside to some beautiful weather where we took out the large rainbow-colored parachute and “played with our own rainbow”!

RainbowofMyOwnParachute1 copy

The kids were giddy playing with the parachute and especially giggly when they stood underneath it while the adults lifted it up and down over their heads. The residents were also all smiles watching the kids (although photos of resident faces are not allowed, so you can’t SEE the smiles, but they were there)!

RainbowofMyOwnParachute2 copy

Love the smiling faces by all and looking forward to more during our upcoming meetings!


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