One of the things I love most about our Baby Toddler Book Club is that all of our members bring something unique to the experience. This month, one of our members offered to host the meeting on her beautiful wooded and green property. This month’s book, Green, by Laura Vaccaro Seeger features gorgeous acrylic canvas pantings that pay homage to the many shades and types of green. Each page features a cutout that shows a small part of the next page, but works so expertly into the current page’s illustration that it’s hard to tell the cut-out exists until the page is turned. It’s evident in the book that green is a very important part of nature, so we thought that there was no better way to bring this book to life than to immerse our children in the green that spring had so recently sprung.

We started our meeting with an outdoor picnic. We gathered in the grass on a picnic blanket to read our book and eat green foods. Everyone brought a green healthy food to share (there are many to choose from). We had edamame, peas, celery, a green spinach smoothie, and kiwi, but we could have easily added many others! A buffet of healthy and naturally green foods are a great way to excite kids to try new fruits and vegetables.

After we finished our picnic and book reading, we set off on a walk in the woods to spot green. Spotting green wasn’t difficult as we were essentially engulfed! Take a look at the photos to see how the little ones experienced their beautiful green surroundings. We are so grateful to our book club member (parent) who invited us to her home for the book club meeting and beautiful walk in the woods!

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