Special Series: Family Dinner Book Club-Drum Dream Girl

When I discovered that Growing Book by Book was hosting a Family Dinner Book club with monthly books, activities, meal ideas, and service projects and inviting readers and their families to participate in their own homes, I was SOLD! This is such a perfect fit for our book loving family and in the words of my oldest, “Now Daddy gets to have a book club too!” We’ll be reading along with the Family Dinner Book Club and sharing our own replications or adaptations of the activities, meals, and service projects. Here’s what we did this month:

Drum Dream Girl: How One Girl’s Courage Changed Music by Margarita Engle and Rafael López is inspired by a true story about a girl in Cuba who wanted to play the drums, but was told she could not because she was a girl. The story is about how she perseveres with her dream to overcome the stereotype. The message in the book is clear: boys and girls should be free to pursue their dreams.

We loved the beautiful artwork and the message in this book! We took the ideas presented on Growing Book by Book‘s website to make a drum and have a cuban-food meal, but we adapted the recipes slightly to make things that we had supplies and ingredients for in the house. To make our drums, we used an empty, clean tin can, a deflated balloon, and a rubber band. We had made these drums several years ago, based on THIS idea.

IMG_6154 copy

After we made the drums, the kids enjoyed decorating theirs with stickers to be colorful like those in the book. This kept them busy while I finished getting dinner ready!

IMG_6155 copy

For dinner, we made Crockpot Cuban Black Beans, Crock Pot Cuban Pulled Pork, mango, and brown rice. This dinner was a big hit (my husband especially loved it) and I’ve linked to the specific recipes that we used. We added a little steel drum music in the background using the Pandora station that  Growing Book by Book suggested and we had a lovely themed dinner!

IMG_6156e copy

Another successful Family Dinner Book Club. Thanks again to Growing Book by Book for the great ideas!


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