Intergenerational Book Club: Grandpa Green

This month was one of my favorite Intergenerational Book Club meeting thus far in part, because I love the book that we read to the kids, and also in part because our activity engaged so many residents. The kids were really attentive to the activity as well.

IMG_6928 copy

This month, we read Grandpa Green by Lane Smith. This is a sweet little story about a grandfather who passes down memories of his life to his great-grandson through topiary trees. The young children can understand the simple story and the older generation can chuckle at the underlying humor or perhaps relate to some of the major life events that the great-grandfather choses to “remember” through his topiaries. It’s a perfect book for the generations to share.

GrandpaGreenReading copy

After a resident read the book to the kids, our group headed out door-to-door to bring flowers to all of the residents in the building (led by a coordinator at the Assisted Living Community). Since the book is about “greens”, the children brought greens (with flowers) –and their cheerful smiles–to each apartment.

GrandpaGreenFlowers1 copyGrandpaGreenFlowers2 copy

Watching the smiles on the residents’ faces and the eagerness of the children to take their turns handing our the flowers and interacting with the residents was very rewarding. We are already looking forward to our next visit!


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