Intergenerational Book Club: Hit The Ball Duck/Who’s on First?

Summer is the perfect time to celebrate baseball! This month, our Intergenerational Book Club celebrated this classic summer pastime in a way that both generations could appreciate. We had originally intended to read the book, Who’s On First? Which is a cartoon-style illustration of the classic Abbott and Costello routine, but the resident who wanted to read wasn’t comfortable with the back and forth dialog. I still think this would be a great book to feature in an Intergenerational Book Club with the right reader, because some residents might remember and be familiar with this routine and the kids like the silliness of the illustrations and story. For that reason, I’m featuring the book along side with the book we ended up reading at our meeting, which was, Hit the Ball Duck, by Jez Alborough. This was also an adorable and silly story about Duck and his friends who try to play baseball but end up getting the ball stuck in the tree. The majority of the book features their silly antics trying to get the ball out of the tree. It’s a perfect story for little ones and was a more straightforward read for our resident.

BallBookReading copyBallBookReading2 copy

After we read, we played with indoor “baseballs” (balloons) and “bats” (pool noodles). I suggest scheduling this meeting in June or July if you need to purchase pool noodles. I found, through trial and error, that most stores have cleared their pool noodles out by August to make room for Back to School displays! In any event, we ended up with enough noodles, but had to do a bit of searching.

We played a few games with the baseball balloons and pool noodle bats. First we just handed out the pool noodles and balloons with the instructions to keep all of the “balls” off of the ground by swinging at them with the “bats” (or hands for participants who found that easier). Later we used a pool noodle that we had cut in half and paired each child with a resident. We gave the balloon to the resident who “pitched” the balloon ball to the child partner who tried to hit it with their pool noodle bat. We took turns with this activity because we only had one halved pooled noodle.

BallBookPlaying1 copyBallBookPlaying2 copy

We had great resident turn out for this meeting and both kids and residents seemed to have a lot of fun! Our little group brought in lots of noise and liveliness with this meeting, but no one seemed to mind!


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