September Book Club Pals

Each month, we donate the book that we read to a community organization that supports low-income families and children. Along with the book, we include all of the materials, ingredients, and instructions for a child (or two) to recreate (or adapt) the activities and snack of our book club meeting that month in their home with their parent or caregiver. The organization will choose a family each month to be our “book club pal” and receive our book and activities. We are very excited to be able to share the joy of parent-child reading, playing, and healthy snacking with other parents and toddlers in the area. If you wish to recreate a similar bag for yourself or to donate, here’s what’s in the bag this month:

Book: Can You Say Peace? by Karen Katz

Theme: Peace/Cultures around the world

Activity: Peace beading

Supplies: Pipe cleaner, beads representing definition of peace provided in the book. peace bead, soccer ball bead (represents playing outside), butterfly bead (walking in towns and cities), letter bead (going to school), and heart bead (sharing food with family).

Directions: Provide the pipe cleaner to the child and show the child how to string the beads on to the pipe cleaner. After completion, the pipe cleaner can be shaped and twisted into a bracelet if desired.

Snack: Cucumbers two international ways: with Tajin (Mexican origins) or with hummus (Middle Eastern origins).

Supplies: Cucumbers, Tajin seasoning, hummus

Supplies to provide from home: Knife, cutting board, vegetable peeler

Directions: Peel and slice the cucumber. Sprinkle Tajin on some of the cucumber slices. Leave the remaining cucumber slices for dipping in the hummus. Enjoy!


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