March Book Club Pals

Each month, we donate the book that we read to a community organization that supports low-income families and children. Along with the book, we include all of the materials, ingredients, and instructions for a child (or two) to recreate (or adapt) the activities and snack of our book club meeting that month in their home with their parent or caregiver. The organization will choose a family each month to be our “book club pal” and receive our book and activities. We are very excited to be able to share the joy of parent-child reading, playing, and healthy snacking with other parents and toddlers in the area. If you wish to recreate a similar bag for yourself or to donate, here’s what’s in the bag this month:

Book: Digger Dog by William Bee

Theme: Digging up dinosaur bones

Activity: Dinosaur dig

Supplies: Tub, cornmeal, bones made from salt dough

Directions: Place the “dinosaur bones” in the tub, cover with cornmeal, and allow the child to dig for “bones” and play in the cornmeal, etc. You may choose to use an extra pan, spoon, or scoop from home to enhance the dig.                       

Snack: Edible “bones” buried in graham cracker “sand”

Supplies: Pre-made bone pretzels, graham crackers, bowl, bag, spoon

Directions: Place the graham crackers in the zip lock bag and crush using hands or a kitchen utensil like a rolling pin. Place the homemade (pre-made) pretzel bones in the bowl and cover with the graham cracker crumbs. Encourage the child to “dig” up the bones with the spoon and enjoy!

The homemade pretzels were made using the following recipe (from: Kinder Krunchies: healthy snack recipes for children, 1982, Karen S. Jenkins)

1) Dissolve 1 T. yeast in ½ cup warm water 2) Add: 1 t. honey and 1 t. salt 3) Add 1 1/3 cup flour 4) Knead 5) Roll pieces and form shape. 6) Brush with beaten egg. 7) Sprinkle with salt 8) Bake 10 min at 425 degrees


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