Intergenerational Book Club: And the Good Brown Earth

The flowers are just beginning to bloom around here and planting season is just around the corner. The joy of gardening seems to span generations, so this month we read a book that focused on a grandmother and her grandson sharing the excitement of horticulture through all the seasons of the year. And the Good Brown Earth by Kathy Henderson is a heartwarming story with a lovely message about the natural rhythms of growing and is the perfect book for grandparents (or older adults) to read with young (grand)children.

IMG_6188 copyIMG_6189 copy

One of the best parts of our Intergenerational Book Club is watching the young kids interact with the older residents. This month, our activity was set up so that they had lots of one-on-one interaction with each other. After a resident read the kids the book, we divided up into small groups. Each resident was paired with 1-2 children who stood by the residents sitting in their chairs. We handed each group a disposable aluminum baking pan, some soil, herb seeds, a spoon, and a little clay pot. They worked together to fill the pots and plant the seeds. We then labeled each pot with the name of the planted herb using a permanent marker. Each pot was placed in a larger metal planter, which will be staying with the Assisted Living residents in a common room. They are going to take care of watering and caring for the herbs throughout the month. We plan to use some of the herbs for an activity during our next meeting.

IMG_6190 copyIMG_6191 copy

This month we grew relationships between some of our community’s oldest and youngest members. Be sure to check back next month, to see what plants grow too!


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