April Book Club Pals

Each month, we donate the book that we read to a community organization that supports low-income families and children. Along with the book, we include all of the materials, ingredients, and instructions for a child (or two) to recreate (or adapt) the activities and snack of our book club meeting that month in their home with their parent or caregiver. The organization will choose a family each month to be our “book club pal” and receive our book and activities. We are very excited to be able to share the joy of parent-child reading, playing, and healthy snacking with other parents and toddlers in the area. If you wish to recreate a similar bag for yourself or to donate, here’s what’s in the bag this month:

Book: The Gigantic Turnip by Aleksei Tolstoy and Niamh Sharkey

Theme: Turnips

Activity: Plant a turnip scrap in water to grow turnip greens.

Supplies: Turnip scrap, two cups, water

Directions: Fill one cup with water. Give the child the other cup and ask them to pour the water slowly into the other cup. Give them the turnip top and have them place it into the cup so that the bottom is covered in water. Place the turnip top by a sunny window and watch to see if any turnip greens grow on top!                         

Snack: Turnip Stew

Supplies: Turnip stew, bowls, spoons

Directions: Place some turnip stew into a bowl and heat slightly for the child. Serve! The turnip stew was made with oil, onions, turnips, rosemary, salt, pepper, and vegetable broth. Although there are no known nuts in the soup, It was made in a home that is NOT nut-free.


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