Intergenerational Book Club

IBC copy 2

Inspired by the Present Perfect documentary about the Intergenerational Learning Center, we started an Intergenerational Book Club at our local assisted living center.  A group of parents and young children, predominantly toddlers and preschoolers (but some older and some younger) meet regularly at our local assisted living center. A resident reads a book to the children and then the children and residents work together on an activity related to the theme of the book. Follow along as the generations read and play together!

January 2016-Snow

February 2016-Sweet Hearts

March 2016-This Old Man

April 2016 – A Rainbow of My Own

May/June – 2016 – Grandpa Green

July/August 2016 – Hit The Ball, Duck/Who’s on First

September 2016-Apples Here!

November 2016-Thanks for Thanksgiving

December 2016-The Mitten